Weetabix - Weetakid


Weetabix and Nickelodeon were looking for a character-based game to support a sponsored competition. The game ran alongside an animated TV advert and engaged the 5 – 7 year-old kids with a fun, playable character game. Additionally, a lot of Weetabix’s previous marketing was focused on the family, as opposed to the children. This is why they wanted to focus it on the kids this time around!


The brief was to create a visual, appealing style that could be used across all the elements of the campaign: box, web, and TV.


For the third year running, Mind Orchard was asked to create microsites and games for Weetabix and Nickelodeon, to form part of a broader campaign to promote the healthier aspects of the cereals. We created four Weetabix campaigns in 2011; each one focused on a specific product and was accompanied by a mini-game and microsite.

The final campaign of the year was for Weetabix itself. We created the fun Weetakid Vs. Evil Eater game and built 3D characters for the iPhone/iPad game. Last, but not least, we made it possible to save downloads and set up a fantastic competition to win a touch screen MP3!


They used our design to create a 360 degree campaign across the Nickelodeon and Nicktoons networks. Overall, the commercial and cross-platform campaign were a major success and increased Weetabix sales.