Terremark - European Cloud Security


Terremark is one of the world's leading Cloud data service providers. Their Enterprise Cloud delivers precise, dynamic allocation of computing resources; it offers services and solutions, within every part of the Cloud services continuum, in a bespoke set-up which is tailored to the requirements of individual companies.

Terremark's multi-layer approach to delivering security services enables their customers to purchase appropriate risk reduction services, in order to achieve a desired state of protection at all levels within their Enterprise Cloud environment.


The company required a vehicle to communicate some of the statistics and figures connected with Cloud Security across Europe and wanted to show just how valuable and flexible the services they provide are. They wanted a simple infographic style and a variety of marketing solutions: so they came to us.

They provided us with their facts and percentages. The numbers were all displaying evidence that the higher a company's trust and understanding of Cloud based data recovery and version control, the less likely they were to be affected by delays and disruptions incurred by data loss, external attack and non- working mobile phones and hardware.

This multi-layer security service can be delivered by Terremark's team in the Cloud, in order to defend their client's websites, applications, and data from malicious attacks. Such attacks can cause weeks of headaches and stress, so it's a pretty important message to get across!


We provided them with a platform to deliver this message and created a detailed infographic in the style of their choosing: something that truly fitted their brand. We worked together to generate animated banners to place on their sites and a PDF infographic to display all of the eye-opening statistics they had researched.

Additionally, they now have a website specifically about Cloud Security. Here are some of the pieces we made for them...