Lister Petter - Lister Petter


Lister Petter is a well-established British brand with over 100 years of tradition behind it. They spur on new developments in green and hybrid technology which will unquestionably stand the test of time for a further 100 years. Lister Petter is a great innovator in its field; however, they hadn’t changed their site for over ten years, which made it pretty much dinosaur-aged by website standards! It was definitely the right decision to opt for something new.


Lister Petter was looking for a full CMS (Content Management System), so that the staff without any technical skill could change every single aspect of their site, no matter how small, without having to rely on outside help. The framework was built using WAMP, a technique allowing their PHP front end to interact with their ASP product ordering system.


We developed the site so that it could seamlessly use data from their product inventory system. Additionally, it featured news, a business catalogue, a device to find the nearest dealer, and five regional hubs.


It is too early to tell what the long-term results may be, but suffice it to say the client got exactly what they wanted, and were extremely happy with their brand new, shiny website.