We were tasked by IDG to create an infographic to show their latest research, on behalf of HP, into SMB servers. In order to show off and advertise this infographic in the best possible way, we also built a website to house it.

As the research was produced for HP, it was important to respect their branding, but also to make sure it differed enough to be clear that it was independent research; people are less trusting of research done by a specific brand.


Right from the initial brief we began brainstorming a style, in order to get the best method of showcasing their findings. We tested a few different looks and tweaked it with the client until we settled on the perfect look.

Once we had the final research paper we designed icons and graphs that specifically fit the data and feel that we were going for.

Alongside the infographic, we began to put together the site that would show off our work. This obviously had to include more than just a link to the paper, or people might not be very interested in looking at it! We included a blog for the client to write about the latest research and a poll for quick surveys of visitors. This allowed them to have a direct relationship with their consumers through their comments on blog posts and their responses to the polls.

As a creative agency, the animated summary of our infographic that appears on the home page is what we consider the pi├Ęce de r├ęsistance of the site! Built using jQuery, in order to maximise the number of devices and browsers that it can be viewed upon, it is a great addition that really spices up the site. The client was ecstatic with our work, which was fantastic!