Riso Printing Solutions - Riso Schools Animation


Riso Printing Solutions were working with Incisive Media on a successful multi-channel educational campaign, even though printing is considered to be a forgotten marketplace. This campaign was already achieving the right numbers, but they decided to try an innovative approach using an unusual combination of video and animation, to drive home some interesting messages about the printing market.


Riso asked Mind Orchard to create a compelling video to show their target group the benefits of working with a relatively new and unknown company, up against the likes of massive and well-known brands, such as Cannon and Rank Xerox.


We worked closely with the Riso team, making sure to extract the key elements of the message they wanted to portray. Mind Orchard created compelling characters, an engaging script and a fresh, new style to reinvigorate the dull reputation of the printing industry and to promote Riso as an innovator within it.

After the clients signed off the scripting and creation of the storyboards, the project was completed in less than a month. We used a 2D cartoon, almost infographic in animation style, with a fun upbeat soundtrack and quirky messaging.

Our talented studio team finished the animation in After Effects, producing a high-quality product in record time, while forming the cornerstone for advances into new and old markets alike.


The finished animation tripled the engagement figures for the campaign. The video is used on their site by their sales people and has been taken up internationally by the company.

Our product helped increase sales dramatically and Riso is extremely pleased with the outcome. Since the launch of this campaign we have been engaged to produce a monthly video communication. And Mind Orchard has worked closely with Riso ever since.