Loop Up - Loop Up



LoopUp's conferencing software is among the best and most successful communications systems used in business today, and we were asked to create a short animated infographic, showcasing all the best features of LoopUp as well as demonstrating how easy and simple it is to use.


We began by exploring the graphic style associated with LoopUp, looking at how we could expand upon their beautiful logo and translate that across an entire animation. Using Adobe Illustrator, we created characters and objects that would be featured in an office environment, following the established style of LoopUp’s branding. We then began laying out an animatic in Flash.

Once we had the whole animation laid out, we commissioned a professional voice-over artist and a bespoke soundtrack, to match the theme and content of the project. One particular issue that arose was working out how to link the scenes together in a seamless manner; however, as we progressed with the project it became more and more like a jigsaw puzzle, with each scene slotting perfectly into place.

When we had all the animation down, we took the entire file into Adobe After Effects to add extra effects to the animations. We opened the file and tweaked each scene accordingly, to make it absolutely relevant to the message of the infographic and added a cardboard overlaid effect to accentuate the depth of the characters against the background, whilst giving the entire infographic a beautiful paper cut-out style.


Ultimately, we created an infographic that showcased all the corporate sensibilities of LoopUp's brilliant communications software whilst keeping it fun, interesting and accessible to the average consumer.