Lego - Wolverine


There is no arguing that Wolverine is one of the most well-loved superheroes out there. So when we had the chance to make a mini-game for him, we all set about thinking about what scenarios and scrapes we could put him in. Our design team started thinking about the gameplay and outlined a general mechanic for how it should all work: this took the form of a 'game in a frame' – an image that describes the art style and the action all in one go.



We settled on Wolverine being attacked by his nemesis, Magneto. A man with an adamantium skeleton versus a mutant with dominion over metal might not exactly be a fair fight, but we all know Logan isn't one to pass up a good scrap. This time, in a junkyard, Magneto has Weapon-X cornered amongst the wrecked cars, and is using the piles of old metal as weapons to toy with his captive. This image was painted up and sent to LEGO: they loved it! From there, we started producing assets for our developer to bring to life.




The game relies on simplicity for its fun factor. You have to dodge falling debris; collecting X-Men badges to boost your score and power ups. Every now and then Magneto will get overconfident and come too close to you, in reach of those famous razor sharp claws. Attack your tormentor when you get the chance and knock that smile off his face!


Technical Features


One of the nice parts of this game is the level of parallax we were able to build up, adding a sense of depth to the action. Our 3D team had lots of fun disassembling LEGO cars and stacking them in wonky piles, to fill out the junkyard!