Lego - Thor


The Vikings were right! The Norse gods are real. They live on the other side of the galaxy and travel to Earth on a giant rainbow bridge. It's true – just watch the Thor movies! Stringer Bell from the Wire keeps the keys to the bridge, which is cool. What’s not to love about Thor?



In the Avengers movie, Thor travels back to earth to find his deluded and twisted half-brother: Loki. The Cosmic Cube has appeared on Earth and Loki desires to use it to enslave the human race. He wants to see us on our knees and be worshipped as a god – much to the chagrin of Thor, who cares deeply for the people of this world and considers them to be under his protection.


So what are you waiting for? Get out there and teach your brother the meaning of humility. Play as the hammer-wielding god of thunder, in a mad dash past the evil henchmen of Loki's army.



Simple controls of jump and attack make it easy to interact with the game. The side-scrolling adventure sees Thor charge through the streets knocking Loki's henchmen out of the way with Mjölnir: the famous hammer of the gods. And you can call lightning down upon your enemies to blast them from your sight.


Pick up the spinning collectables along the way, to build your multiplayer score and boost your power ups. You'll need them for when you catch up to Loki and commence battle. He may not be as physically powerful as Thor, but what he lacks in stature he makes up for in cunning and low scruples. He'll use his powers against you in the form of green energy bolts. Dodge and duck away from his attacks and return them tenfold.