Lego - Spotlight Robbery


Spotlight Robbery is a mobile game for Android and iOS. It is part of the LEGO City 2013 collection that we produced for LEGO and is based upon the Elite Police brand.

The game was created for LEGO City's core age group, which is children aged 6 – 8. Getting three stars on every level is an extra challenge, even for older children, which means that the game never stops being exciting.

This game was made alongside Blue Diamond Chase, which also used the Elite Police brand. It was important for their visual style to be similar, but their game mechanics to be very different, as people were likely to play both.

In a daring midnight raid, the burglars are breaking into the LEGO® City museum! Use the helicopter searchlight to guide the Elite Policeman through the dark to catch them! Explore the different rooms within the museum and find useful objects to help.

The game also has some fantastic cheats that give it that trademark LEGO humour. Cheats, such as super speed or a disco effect, give kids an extra element of fun, which helps increase the life of the game.

Find and collect useful objects to help the Elite Police, such as spanners to repair damaged power supplies, keys to unlock doors and ladders to move between floors.

What makes this game a real success is the combination of a strong, fun game mechanic, combined with the quirky LEGO graphics that are loved by kids and adults alike.

With over 560 five-star reviews on Google Play, this game has been wildly popular with kids around the world. Thanks to its intuitive gameplay and innovative instructions, there isn’t a single word of text needed during the game.