Lego - Spider-Man


Lego is continually bringing out new playsets that need game development support for their online fans. We were asked to create a flash based game for Spider-Man. This gave us yet another exciting challenge to take on.

We were asked to create a game for LEGO Spider-Man that evolved around the new Spider-Man's™ Doc Ock™ Ambush playset. The game is targeted to engage children in an entertaining manner and to introduce them to the new toys.

We were keen to create an infinite runner, as it is a popular gaming style with school-aged kids. It also generates great fun by letting them compete with each other to try and beat each other’s scores. LEGO loved the concept and were impressed with our early visuals and so we set about making it.

The level design really stood out on this project. We created an exciting course across the rooftops of the city for kids to run, jump, slide and swing along. And brainstormed on how to further enhance their amusement. Using a tilemap system we were able to lay the levels out to ensure that we got the best level set up as possible.

Once the game was ready for release, we eagerly awaited the response it would get in the real world. The feedback we got from kids was amazing! We were ecstatic as we followed forum posts as players desperately tried to beat each other’s scores and gave hints as to what lay in store later in the game.

Mind Orchard is very proud of the devotion of our development team within this project, LEGO is extremely pleased with the results and most importantly kids are having fun playing it!