Lego - Iron Man - Case Study


The Avengers are one of Marvel's most famous teams of superheroes. And one of the most important members of that team is Iron Man: the alter ego of the billionaire, playboy, genius, and philanthropist, Tony Stark.



The world is in danger: desperate danger. Loki has returned from the depths of space with a mind to enslave every human on earth. Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. takes the initiative and puts operation Avengers Assemble into action. Tony is a key element in his plans.


Well, that's what happens in the Hollywood blockbuster. Luckily for us, LEGO asked us to make a series of games based on it. After much jumping up and down, we set about making them. In this mini-game we focused on the scene where Iron Man is flying at breakneck speed over the city, blasting the invading army of aliens out of the sky.



Move up, down, forwards and back to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge again. Avoid the lightning clouds that Loki has left for you. Slip past the alien lasers and use your repulsor blasters to return fire. You also have a secret weapon: you can overcharge the arc reactor in your chest to create a cannon of pure energy that blows away anything in its path. Use it wisely, though. You only have enough for three overcharge shots. You may want to save them for the big boss fight with Loki.


We loved making this game. Some members of the team (naming no names) love Iron Man maybe a little too much. So, having the chance to work with the character, and combining it with LEGO, who wouldn't be over the moon?



Case Study