Lego - Hulk


The Incredible Hulk. He doesn't need any introduction! Poor old Bruce Banner has a tough time controlling his temper. But that's very advantageous to the adventuring avengers. When you need a bit of muscle, the big green guy is someone you'd love to have on your side!

LEGO's Hulk minifigure is amazing. He towers over his little blocky friends. Even the mighty Thor is a hobbit compared to him. So what are you going to do when you're a solid chunk of destruction? That's right: kick some bricks and take some names!



The world is in peril – serious peril – as Loki and his intergalactic army of aliens attack New York from a giant vortex in the sky. But never mind all that. Hulk has been told to 'SMASH'. And there's never been anyone better, anywhere, living or dead, who's better at smashing stuff than the Hulk. It's what he does.




In this side-scrolling piece of action game, the aim is to guide Hulk through the streets, smashing everything you can along the way. Hit the up arrow key to leap over craters and avoid things that might trip you up. Use the spacebar to launch cars through the air. Charge full speed ahead to knock over rubbish and send the alien intruders scattering. With their ray-guns ready, these aliens are taking no prisoners. So make sure you knock them all out – we think that you just might enjoy it! And make sure to throw a car at Loki for us!