Lego - Hobbit - Case Study


Game One: An Unexpected Gathering
Part One – Feeding Game


Unbeknownst to Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf has offered Bilbo’s services as a ‘burglar for hire’ by scratching a special sign on his door! And so, the company of thirteen, a bunch of hungry, loud and adventure-seeking dwarves, descend upon Bag End and Bilbo must keep them happy!


You play as Bilbo in the game. Each disgruntled dwarf will knock on your door. Upon opening the door, you are presented with a hungry dwarf looking for his brethren, sustenance, and comfort.

Your job is to seat the dwarves, and make sure they are given the food and drink they want! You will have to keep on your toes, as there are thirteen hungry dwarves to keep happy! If you do, though, Gandalf will arrive and the dwarves will reward you with a song.

Game One: An Unexpected Gathering
Part Two – Music Game


Once the dwarves are fed and happy, they will show you how grateful they are by playing you a song! The dwarves gather by the fire and are all set to play, dance and sing.


The HUD is a simplified timeline with two rows (tracks) on which to place blocks. The blocks represent musical loops and amusing dwarf animations.

Click and drag the blocks, on the left hand side, onto the timeline in any order you like. Maybe you’d like to hear them all play together, or maybe you’d just like Thorin to play you a harp solo. It’s your choice!

When you’re happy with the song you have composed, hit Play to listen to your masterpiece again and again. You can even send it to a friend! It’s easy to edit, or start again to make an all-new musical arrangement.

Game Two: Halls of the Goblin King Overview


Bilbo Baggins and the company of dwarves, having already been captured by three huge trolls and freed by Gandalf, find themselves in the Last Homely House, aka the home of Elrond, oldest and wisest of the elves. Here they are fed and watered before continuing their journey.


Many days of travel through dark and barren landscapes follow. As they journey onwards, a huge thunder-battle erupts, forcing the company to seek shelter in a cave high up in the Misty Mountains. Their shelter and rest is, however, short lived...

Deep inside the Misty Mountains, our heroes find themselves trapped in the Halls of the Goblin King. It is now up to Gandalf to sneak past the Goblin King and free Bilbo and the dwarves once again...

There are plenty of levels and many challenges to overcome! You will need your wits about you. Be prepared to sneak, hide, run, climb, fight, riddle and travel through a strange new ring world!



Case Study