Lego - Fire Hose Frenzy


Fire Hose Frenzy is a mobile game for both Android and iOS to promote LEGO City Fire products. It has reached over two-million downloads on iOS alone and over 450 five-star reviews on Google Play, it is one of our most popular games to date!



The purpose of the game is to help the fireman and his trusty firedog put out the fires across LEGO City by climbing the fire truck ladder and using the fire hose. You use the fire hose to put out all of the fires in every level – but some fires will be harder to reach than others!

As the game progresses you can take charge of the fire engine itself and even a helicopter!

The game makes use of many different mechanics, such as activating switches to start machines, opening doors, pressing switches, or filling up barrels and buckets to tip see-saws.

The game was originally built for City's core demographic, which is fairly young, but the increased difficulty of later levels and the challenge of getting three stars means older children still have great fun playing.

Special Feature


LEGO Club Magazine also wanted to include some cheats in the game, as a special treat for their readers. We came up with a number of fun elements to add, such as turning the water to custard and having clowns instead of flames!





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