Lego - Xtreme City


GAMEPLAY: Xtreme City Offroad Tournament is taking place in the streets of LEGO City. This game is all about style. Press spacebar to accelerate through the track, press the up arrow to jump, and use the left and right arrows to do mad flips! Making combo flips gets you a bonus multiplier. Hit jumps for big air time. How many flips can you do?

Guide your choice of bike through the gruelling stages of the competition, or make your own in the easy-to-use editor. You’ll have to get past speedy loops, giant jumps, tricky see-saws, and even sharks to get to the finish line. Get three stars on every track for the perfect score!

SPECIAL FEATURE: LEGO Xtreme City shares the same Chase McCain cheat that all our LEGO City web games have, which is a great and surprisingly complex feature. Included in real life LEGO City sets are codes that kids can use to unlock special content within our online games. These codes are all unique. To avoid someone spreading one code around the internet, each code can only be used three times. However, this means that the code can't be entered into all the games separately, as it would expire after being used three times. We therefore came up with a system that would unlock the content for all the games at once, even if that game hadn't been made yet!

RESULT: The cheats were a really cool feature to work on and kids around the world using them will never realise all the work that went into unlocking those bonus levels for them: the pleasure was completely ours! With over 36,000 likes on, LEGO Xtreme City has been an exceptionally popular game.