CBBC - Deadly Doodlebugs


We were tasked to create a game for CBBC’s Deadly 60 brand as part of our CBBC Art Games project. The challenge here was creating something new and innovative that would also sit perfectly within an already very established brand. This was not a challenge that we shied away from as the BBC is a fantastic client, and a chance to work with them isn't taken lightly.


The BBC was keen to make a drawing based game, but we needed to come up with a way of showing the Deadly 60 brand in the best way. What we eventually settled on was Doodlebugs, a fun little creative game that allowed kids to draw a picture on top of any background they liked – even their own face! Allowing children to use their webcam to put themselves into the game was a real bonus that meant hours of fun drawing on their own, and their friends’, faces.


The game involves placing different bugs down on top of a picture, which then produce different effects: some lay down thin lines, some thick; and there is one that explodes over the canvas! You control the bugs by laying down different coloured food for them to eat. Depending on what food you lay, they draw a different colour. Using this cool technique, children can draw some fantastic pictures!


The game also had to work alongside our other Art Games so that you could draw on a picture in Doodlebugs, warp it with Facewarp, and then cover it with stickers in Stickerise.


By the end, we had created a fantastic product that kids had fun playing with and our prestigious client, the BBC, was pleased to have our product on their site.