Lego - Captain America – Avengers


With our LEGO Superheroes games for the Avengers we decided to go for some old school side-scrolling action. In Captain America you take control of the First Avenger and battle the aliens who are attacking New York. This is an isometric dash through the streets of Manhattan.



The gameplay is fairly simple, so as to cater for its young audience. Using the arrow keys you'll try to skid around craters, line up your Super Bike with ramps to launch yourself over massive cracks in the road.


Take out the enemy aliens littering the street, by hammering on the spacebar. Use Captain America’s iconic shield as a deadly flying disc, to incapacitate your enemies. Captain Steve Rogers' attack has him hurl his weapon through the air like a boomerang. Collect the power ups to boost your offensive power. The shield finally becomes a tornado of destruction, knocking out any threats that come too close.

But use the power ups wisely, sooner or later you'll run into Thor's evil brother, Loki, and you might want to save ithe extra power to take him down! Loki is bent on global domination. He wants to be worshipped like a god by the people of Earth, using the power of the Cosmic Cube: a mysterious relic from some unknown corner of the universe. Loki will use his magic staff to attack you with bolts of energy. Dodge his blasts and return fire to knock him out of the sky and recover the Cosmic Cube.

Do you have what it takes to deliver the Cube back to Thor for safekeeping?