Lego - Batman



We were asked to create a microsite, which contained access to the game based upon the LEGO DC brand for Batman. This included comic book inspired introduction videos and endings for the game, as well as fun and addictive gameplay to put players right into Gotham's seedy underbelly.


We started by looking at the darker and edgier side of DC's established design and proceeded with creating character poses, showing off the styles we could achieve using strong shadows and halftone patterns inspired by comics. Once we had this down, we began creating a story for Batman to chase Catwoman and recover a stolen diamond.

The story lends itself to beginning with an animation that shows off Catwoman nabbing the diamond, and starting the chase - after which, the actual game starts, where you can control Batman running along rooftops, trains, and the docks, chasing after Catwoman on her motorbike. Each level gets a bit more daring as the obstacles seem to multiply and the cunning Catwoman becomes faster. You can't let her get away!


The gameplay is an adaptation of an infinite runner style game, where Batman automatically moves forward. You are able to control his jumps and glide to cross over gaps by using your keyboard. The tricky part is not falling in-between the gaps of the buildings and losing your edge on Catwoman. If you fall one too many times you may even pay with your life! Finally, when the three levels are successfully completed, you are rewarded with an animated cut-scene, where you retrieve the diamond - which concludes the chase.

Ultimately, the game we created turned out to be one of the most fun and atmospheric games we have put our name to, and we eagerly await the next time we get to work with the Caped Crusader!




  • IMA: 2012