Sovereign Capital - Penguin Sport



Inspired by the success of Penguin Bob (our last Sovereign Capital game) and by the London 2012 Olympic Games, we were tasked with the creation of a game to provide a sunny and entertaining piece of content, capable of driving web traffic and raising awareness of Sovereign Capital as a whole.


Our aim was to make three simple single-level games that would fit into the theme of a sporting event similar to the Olympics. We wanted the games to be light and casual in nature, using simple interactions requiring precision and timing skills, but no high degree of commitment. Rather than depth, the focus and budget priority were on developing a satisfying ‘mechanic’ in each game, to promote high replay value and provide users with a fun and memorable experience: whether playing on the tube on their smartphone, at home, or at their desk.

The final result was Penguin Sports! It was a game where players took part in three different events - Urchin Archery, Hammerhead Throwing and Turtle Hurdles.


Each game relied on simple swipe, drag or tap controls, which made it appealing to all age groups. The simple mechanics we set out to achieve were a perfect fit for the iPhone and iPad, as the gesture controls were not only hugely satisfying but also incredibly responsive and accurate.


We initially prototyped and developed a web-based version of the games in Flash, before carrying out extensive testing and feedback sessions. The game was then successfully ported to iPhone and listed on the App Store in time for the London Olympics.