Lego - Rapid Rescue


Rapid Rescue is our LEGO mobile game. It is part of the suite of LEGO City games that we made throughout 2013. This game is based on the Coast Guard LEGO sets and as always, it was important to feature as much of the product as possible.

With this in mind we not only included multiple vehicles for the player to control but also added some larger ones, as obstacles to avoid. This meant that despite being too big for the gameplay, they were still shown off, which LEGO was very happy about.

In the stormy seas around LEGO City, holidaymakers need help! The LEGO City Coast Guard are on their way. With you guiding them, they can save the day! The Coast Guard Helicopter, Jet Ski and Speed Boat, are in your control, see how quickly you can rescue all the stranded minifigs. Guide the vehicles by drawing lines to the marooned minifigs; collect gold LEGO bricks for a time bonus; throw life buoys at sharks to scare them away; and drive into whirlpools to get sucked to another part of the map. Do you have what it takes to get three stars on every level?

With a massive 48 levels, kids will have a hard time finishing this in a hurry! And if the insane number of levels wasn’t enough, there are heaps of cheats to spice up the gameplay even further. Don't like those sharks? How about Pirates instead? Think the vehicles are too slow? How about some super speed? With achievements to earn and fun cheats to flavour the gameplay, this really is a highly entertaining experience. It has the perfect recipe to keep people coming back again and again.