IDG - IDG Bookshelf - Case Study


IDG Connect were looking for new ways to promote their White Paper library product and wanted this new product to be self-funding. IDG Connect, who are always looking for ways to innovate for their customers, considered Mind Orchard a partner in developing this product; together, we looked for new ways to disrupt a now busy and competitive technical market place.


IDG asked Mind Orchard to come up with a way to create an app that would truly add value to their White Paper product line. Companies so often create apps that are an imitation of their website, for the App Store. Mind Orchard’s research showed that the IDG users were busy and driven people who would divide their time between research and reading, often reading documents that they had found earlier, when they had free time – such as on a train or at times when internet access was not available.


Mind Orchard designed and built a new iPad app which gives users full access to IDG’s global IT White Paper library. This simple but clever app is free to download through the App Store and enables users to search 6,000 White Papers, as well as videos and IT knowledge. Users can then save them to their own personal bookshelf space.

User Experience

Developed for IDG Connect and sponsored by Oracle, the large IT giant, this new application is very easy to operate. New users need to complete a short registration form to get started. Once signed up they will be taken straight to their own customisable bookshelf, where they can use the search bar to find content from IDG Connect’s full library of IT and business titles and save any papers they want to keep. Returning users simply do not need to register or sign in more than once, as their bookshelf remembers who they are and the items that they have saved, which can be read any time they return.

The application includes a vendor-branded iZone, sponsored by Oracle. Additional iZone sponsorship opportunities are also available through IDG Connect. These give vendors the chance to make their papers, videos, analyst reports and other materials easily accessible in a bespoke, branded area within the application. One smart aspect of this development, is that we built the app so that sponsors could be added or removed without having to submit an update to the store. The importance of this cannot be underestimated: particularly as new sponsors would expect that not only new downloaders of the app would see their brand and content, but also those who had originally downloaded, when the last sponsor was in the app. Additionally many people use their apps without updating when asked.

As people shift their research time to mobile, from web-based searches, this has become more and more important to IDG and its sponsors. To show their commitment to the product, IDG have recently revamped it, adding an IT news centre function that allows people to read an award-winning blog and save their chosen article to their personal shelf.


John O’Malley, CEO of IDG Connect, says, ‘Tablet technology is changing the way users access information. This in turn is having an impact on the way marketers publish and distribute their content. We hope this application will help give B2B marketers the chance to connect with a wider range of IT professionals, and give readers the flexibility to locate business content whenever they need it.’



Case Study


  • Lovie: 2012