RSPCA - Think Pig - Animal Welfare Campaign


The RSPCA was looking to launch a campaign that would educate consumers of pork products about the plight of pigs. They made it clear that they did not want to preach and alienate the audience. In fact, they specifically wanted to communicate their message in a lighter tone of voice, which isn’t traditionally used by the charity sector. This strategy was put in place so that the campaign would have the significance to be absorbed faster by the general public, ultimately initiating a change in behaviour.


They asked us to create a visual style that could be used across all elements of the campaign: print, web, events and publications. The animation would then act as their primary campaign while all other aspects revolved around it.


We all have the power to make a difference to pig welfare. This is something we firmly believe at Mind Orchard, and that’s why we were particularly excited to be asked by the RSPCA to help launch their new Think Pig campaign. Not only did Mind Orchard produce an informative and entertaining three-minute animation, voiced by the hilarious James Dreyfus, but we also created a distinctive visual style and identity for the campaign as a whole. We carried it across a full suite of awareness-support material, including a twelve-page booklet, Think Pig check lists, banners, badges, stickers, and bags for the Ben & Jerry’s festival in London.


The campaign was much loved by all who came into contact with it and had a great effect amongst buyers of pork products. Additionally, the campaign helped keep the issue on the radar, resulting in supermarkets increasing their stock of Freedom Food-badged products. It was a fantastic project to be involved in and we look forward to working with the RSPCA in the future.




  • IAC: 2011