RSPCA - Happy Bunnies


Did you know that every year in May, there is a Rabbit Awareness Week? We’re all big animal lovers here and when we were asked by the RSPCA to create a small video, showcasing happy bunny awareness, we couldn't wait to get started!


Well, to our surprise, when we were given the brief, the RSPCA had already asked people from all over the world to send in footage of their happy bunnies, for us to edit it all together into an exciting and fun music video, which was to go with an animation to raise rabbit awareness.


Our first challenge involved taking all the incredibly diverse forms of video we had been sent and converting them all into one usable format. We also found that because the majority of videos were recorded on camera phones, the footage greatly varied in quality. Because of this we had to make sure to pick only the best footage, to make it viewable: luckily we were overloaded with so many great clips to choose from.

Once we had put together a great video, it was time for some music and sound effects! We created a bespoke, upbeat soundtrack for the video, to really get across the fun and our love of rabbits; we supported this with comical sound effects, to give it a real You've Been Framed vibe. Finally we created the animations to bookend the videos. These beautiful 2D animations were created from drawing the bunnies in Illustrator, and then animating them in Adobe After Effects, having them bounce around the entire screen and really capturing everything that makes rabbits so popular and fun!


Overall, the video was a fantastic celebration of everything that Rabbit Awareness Week should represent. We adored making this video and we're sure the owners loved filming their rabbits as well. Most importantly, the rabbits loved their time on film!