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After the fantastic success of our first animation, Riso Printing Solutions approached us directly to create an animation aimed at bringing new third-party resellers on board. Our team spent time understanding the key messages that this needed to communicate, and we came up with up a really cool and inventive concept, for which we created a storyboard, key visuals, and a script.


Riso had approached Mind Orchard directly to work our magic once again; but this time we needed to aim for the reseller market, giving it a business-like feel, while showing the viewer that Riso is an exciting company to work with. We mutually agreed that it would be fun to develop a 3D infographic animation to create a real wow factor.


At this point, the first idea we came up with was quite ambitious. It was essentially a complicated piece, but we felt confident of completing it successfully because of our previous animation work for Riso. Sometimes, when it feels spot-on, you just have to follow your gut feeling and raise the bar to deliver the best possible work for the brief.

After the client signed off the scripting and creation of the storyboards, the project was completed in just over a month. We combined the best of two worlds by using a 3D infographic animation style and a highly innovative concept that portrayed the scenes in a serious business tone. Our talented animation studio team delivered the animation; produced in After Effects, the final result was a high quality, 3D development piece.


Riso’s potential partners responded really well to our work. Different business partners, and international territories, requested their very own versions of the 3D animation from us. With this new way of communicating the important USPs, sales improved dramatically.