Power Product Manufacturer - Power Product Sales Tool Animation Scene


The managing director of the company Power Product Manufacturer wanted to create a series of videos to engage a new audience for their products. The company wasn’t ‘top of mind’ yet with their potential consumers and they wanted people to understand how ‘silly it was’ not to have their product and how much of a ‘no brainer’ it was to buy one.


The brief was to create an animation based on a script that was especially produced for us. Power Product Manufacturer envisioned an imaginary boardroom with characters in it. We were in charge of the animation and were on a mission to deliver the animation in an interesting and eye- catching way.


We created storyboards and artistic style mood boards on how the ‘look and feel’ would be; based on this, some very cool 3D character designs were born. We then built the animation completely in Maya; this allowed us to use some lovely RealFlow reflections and particle effects, when the main character hits the table with his fist causing the water in his cup to tremble and quiver in a Jurassic Park manner. It made a highly impactful animation piece, which we were all proud of – and rightly so.


The company’s potential partners responded really well to our work. The ultimate compliment was paid when their business partners, and different international territories, requested their own versions of the animation.