Mind Orchard - Mind Orchard Showreel


We produce such a large and exciting range of work, that creating a showreel always ends up being one of the most joyous projects we get to set ourselves.


When we began work on our latest showreel, we decided to focus on all the great character animation we've been working on over the past year, from LEGO to the RSPCA. We pride ourselves on the diverse and wonderful talents that make up Mind Orchard and by taking the best of our work, we were able to display this.

We started by meticulously going through our entire back catalogue of work, picking out which games and animations would best show off the skills and expertise of Mind Orchard. This proved to be more difficult than it seems, as once we started replaying our old games, we found it hard to stop!

Special Features

Special attention was paid to the bespoke soundtrack that we made, to ensure all our clips matched the rhythm. We really focused on creating the best balance of action and pace throughout the entire showreel.

Finally, the closing shot of the showreel became a beautiful composite of every character ever built, passing the Mind Orchard logo. This proved to be challenging, as it involved bringing each character into one After Effects file and having them all run at a relative pace to each other. However it was definitely worth it. The sheer amount of fantastic work we've accomplished makes us proud! Once we could view the final shot, we knew this would be a wonderful ending to showcase and advertise our potential and talent to the world!