Incisive Media - Fund Catalyst


Incisive Media was about to launch a very special web product aimed at Financial Fund Managers and their clients. This innovative product would help to connect and manage old and new client relationships more effectively. It was a new concept, however, and needed to be launched in an easy-to-grasp manner.


We were asked to make a short animation that communicated the benefits of using this new website, in a short and snappy piece. Fund Catalyst also wanted us to use the graphics and icons that had already been created as part of their brand, to keep continuity through the pieces of work.


First we did in-depth research on the product: the Fund Catalyst box. This led to creating a concept that paid attention to its key benefits. The box represented the one place that you could come to and manage all the aspects of your Fund Management relationship in a vivid, to- the-point animation. We focused on directing the message towards the different perspectives of both Fund Managers and their clients. As the Fund Catalyst box spun around, the perspective of the communication changed to fit the right audience. We animated this using a mixture of 3D and 2D animations in After Effects.


Incisive Media saw its users and potential users respond extremely well to our animation. We successfully created a better understanding of the product, which especially benefitted users arriving at the site for the first time. The displayed USPs were a very important factor in the success of the animation. This ultimately led to Fund Catalyst seeing a large rise in sign-ups to the service; and with this new found ability to communicate the important USPs more visually, overall sales improved drastically.

Due to this success, they additionally asked us to produce the animation in HD, so that it could be used even more broadly at events and in presentations to potential clients.