Bacardi - Bacardi Cocktails - Case Study


Here at Mind Orchard we just love the strong brand of Bacardi and the memories it holds for us! We have all appreciated Bacardi on a sunny summer eve by the beach, at one time or another. So having the chance to work with them, to create a range of exciting animations, was a real chance for us to showcase our 3D talent, and to show off the huge variety of cocktails: from Bacardi’s ‘Apple Jack’ to ‘Velvet Elvis’. We were asked to take on the project working from two different angles.

Brief and Realisation

The first was creating 3D animations demonstrating the cocktail recipes in a fun and creative way. This involved having a customised particle and fluid engine built, to simulate realistic liquid physics in 3D. The cocktails were chosen by Bacardi and initially storyboarded by hand. Animatics were made in Adobe Flash, and ultimately sent to the 3D team to begin animating the final videos.

The second aspect was creating a selection of bespoke drinks menus for different pubs across the UK. The key aim of this was to take advantage of the vast amounts of plasma TVs to be found in mid- to high-range cocktail bars. Our assignment was to showcase Bacardi’s selections of drinks and prices in a visually attractive way. These animations were designed by using 3D cameras to give a real sense of depth to each menu.

Creating digital drinks menus proved to be extremely effective, as we found unprecedented success with this strategy. Barcadi saw their sales increase by 600% on the cocktails featured in our animations. I'll drink to that!



Case Study