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September 6, 2013 by Sam Andrews

Eva Lotta Lamm

Whenever I sit down to sketch anything at least 90% of the time I end up drawing a cat, or a samurai, or genitals. Going to Eva's talk and workshop made really think about how I draw these things, though admitably didn't address why I'm drawn (if you'll excuse the pun)  to them. Another one for therapy perhaps?

Eva's talk covered numerous subjects from drawing the most basic geometric shapes, to playing a simple sketching game of connecting two dots with one line in one stroke, to ultimately drawing people (or samurai cat genitals.) and finally implementing these into sketch notes.

Eva's sketch style involves using triangles and circles to create what she defines as stickman 2.0 (patent pending)  and the beauty of it is unlike Stickman 1.0, you can truly express personality into each person illustrated.

Sketch notes are used as not only a great way to illustrate idea's but become a far more effective way of furthering what your intial concept of an idea is into the next stage of the design progression. The concept is simple, when you're in a meeting rather than writing everything down in a mishmash of illegible nonsense, you sketch down quick drawings representing whats being discussed.

Finally Eva focused upon a concept she's been pioneering whilst working at Google, the #doodlebreak. It works like a smoke break but you take ten minutes out of your day to draw a combo of three random words, it really invigorates your imagination and helps you learn new and fun ways to draw your favourite things! Thanks to Eva's I now see sketching in a new light and have new ways to explore sketching my favourite things. Now...about that therapy.

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