Reasons to be creative seminar

September 4, 2013 by Kim Diependael

Reasons To Be Creative Conference

From the 2nd to the 4th of September the Reasons To Be Creative conference returned to Brighton. The conference brings together the best in art, design and development and is aimed at designers, developers and anyone with a creative mind. A number of the team at Mind Orchard were able to attend a variety of different talks and workshops with the hope of being inspired, learning something new and meeting like minded creatives from Brighton and beyond.

Instead of writing one big evaluation of the whole even we thought we'd ask the team to summarise their favourite parts of the conference below.

Richard: "I didn't go to R2B this year. I haven't gone for five years now, because it's an expensive backslapping fest, where one learns nothing. It's supposed to 'inspire', not teach. If you need some overpaid New Yorker to give you your inspiration, well, I pity you my friend."

Ouch, luckily not everybody felt that way. Read what the rest has to say!

Toby saw Carlos Ulloa discuss HTML 5 games

"With the constant developments in the HTML5 field, it was fascinating to see exactly what was achieved by HelloEnjoy with their latest project. HelloRun, an endless flying game, was an audio visual treat with fantastic graphics and addictive fast paced gameplay. It was eye opening example of the potential that WEBGL now provides game developers in creating new games for browsers. As well as showing off the game, Carlos Ulloa talked about the issues and challenges faced during development from the technical (texturing and lighting) to the gameplay (how they ensured the challenge gradually increased without becoming impossible too quickly). After the talk I rushed back to try and get the office high score... I only got 70 points :( "

Because we have had massive response regarding this topic, there is no way I will be able to present it all to you. It would be a shame only giving you the highlights of their experiences as they have been written down in such detail. So I'm not going to cut down text (I'm not even going to try). To read more about this topic, click through to the next inspiring posts.

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