The Pixel Awards 2013: We Won!

January 22, 2014 by Kim Diependael

We were all very excited when we heard our app: LEGO Firehose Frenzy brought in, not just one, but two Pixel Awards and we became the Mobile Games winner! We won for both the Judges’ Choice adjudicated by companies such as: Yahoo!, Mattel, Mail Chimp (and many more great companies) and the People’s Choice, voted for by you.

We feel it is important to pour our hearts into our work and we were proud that a small company with a big attitude could beat big budgeted monster games like Plants vs Zombies 2. Here is a big thanks to Kim Bay Jenson from LEGO, who chose our agency to think up these lovely LEGO City games. 

Each app was judged on the following criteria: Innovation, content, navigation, visual design, functionality and overall app experience.

Looking back, we had some fierce competitors from all around the world at the Pixel Awards: GameMix, Johnson’s Baby, WhereWars Island Defence and even Plants Vs Zombies 2. So the nerves were high. Would we stand a chance?

LEGO Firehose Frenzy was built with a specific mindset. Our target market was 8 years and over. Our creative team, particularly Nick and Nick, played a pivotal role in developing this app, as they know as no other the important difference between 8 and 12 year olds. How do you keep it interesting enough to hold the attention of such varied ages?

To get the best possible gameplay, we built a game that would last through the hands of time and continuously introduce the LEGO City’s product line in a puzzle solving way that encouraged replayability by using the three star system.

Use your finger to aim the water to put out fires across LEGO City as quick as you can and use the environment to reach hard to get fires e.g. fill up buckets to tip seesaws, aim for pipes and watch them take the water, blast through windows, activate switches to start machines and more.

Perfect in its simplicity, the puzzle grows with the player's skills, challenges with in-level goals present themselves and the game becomes increasingly more difficult as you progress. Look for quirky details filled with imagination as a woman floats to the sky by an open umbrella in one of the later levels.   

So to wrap it up, we’d like to thank everyone who voted for our product as his or her favourite. It may sound cheesy but it doesn’t make it less true, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Check out our app in the PlayStore and stay tuned for more awards and game releases from Mind Orchard,



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