About Mind Orchard

Mind Orchard is an award-winning creative digital agency designing compelling content and experiences for international brands. Led by insight, we use a combination of our minds with the latest technology, to engage and entertain audiences across territories and multiple platforms. Whether you’re building existing relationships or beginning new ones, we can help.


“Working with Mind Orchard is always a great pleasure. They are really committed to the project and they always come up with unique solutions to what you are asking for and deliver a new and fresh experience every time.”

Pia Løbner Rasmussen, Internet Content Manager, LEGO

“Mind Orchard are a breath of fresh air to work with: from initial concept through to delivery the quality of work produced has exceeded expectations. Their accommodating approach provides a relaxing yet productive collaboration which has delivered great results.”

Jonathan Fearn, Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands

“It has been absolutely great working with Mind Orchard. I have been impressed by their commitment to the project, the vision they brought to life in the animation and the beautiful result. I do not doubt this animation will be instrumental to LiveWell for LIFE’s work and hope to work with the team again in the future. ”

Sarah Halevy, LiveWell for LIFE

“Mind Orchard's guidance and focus are exemplary. What stands them apart from other agencies is their lack of fear in challenging decisions, providing support and recommendations beyond the aesthetics of design. I found this incredibly valuable and it helped us develop two fantastic products.”

Matthew Smith, VP IDG Connect

“Mind Orchard is a breath of fresh air, delivering high impact digital brand solutions that stand out from the crowd and are always a pleasure to work with.”

Ebony Smith, MTV





"The Pixel Awards judges are proven innovators in their fields with broad web expertise and a knack for spotting extraordinary talent with fairness and accuracy. They are executive managers, evangelists, and visionaries at top agencies and websites covering a diverse cross-section of industries – art and design, marketing and advertising, product development and technology, and usability."-The Pixel Awards

The Pixel Awards take a fresh look at the best on the web.


  • Peoples Champ for LEGO: Fire Hose Frenzy
  • Best Mobile Award for LEGO: Fire Hose Frenzy


  • Peoples Champ for the RSPCA campaign: Get Puppy Smart
  • Best Broadcasting Site for ITV: Annabel's Kitchen


  • Peoples Champ 'Best in Animation' for the LEGO: City Fire Academy

The Blades

The Blades
The Blades awards is highly prestigious and unique in the way that it employs clients opinion to judge the cream of the current digital marketing crop. The Blades is supported by the Creative Review, Marketing Week, Design Week and New Media Age. This partnership has brought together the best talent in agency land and the ultimate judges with "The most respected clients of agencies with current and in depth knowledge of their subject".

  • Finalist for ITV: Annabel's Kitchen

  • Finalist for RSPCA: Get Puppy Smart


"The IAC Awards provides an opportunity to highlight the best online advertising in 96 industries and 9 online formats including, online ad, video, mobile, newsletter, email and social media.

The Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards are produced by the Web Marketing Association to honor excellence in online advertising, recognize the individuals and organizations responsible, and showcase the best in award winning Internet advertising." -The Internet Advertising Association

  • Outstanding Website for RSPCA: Get Puppy Smart
  • Best Non-Profit Online Campaign for RSPCA: Think Pig
  • Best Toy & Hobby Interactive for LEGO: Harbour

  • Best Publishing Online Campaign for Emap: Zoo Magazine


"The Lovie Awards is the only pan-European Award to honour the entire breadth of content created for the internet." -Lovie

The 2nd Annual Lovie Awards judged the following divisions: Websites, Mobile & Apps, Online Video and Interactive Advertising. Work from over 20 different European countries was shortlisted with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards distributed to 16 countries. Mind Orchard proudly accepted:

  • Shortlisted for Education & Reference: Tablet for Global IT Bookshelf App

  • Silver for Get Puppy Smart Animation RSPCA

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Arran D'Aubigny - Managing Director
Nacho Lozano - Designer
Sam Andrews - Animator/Designer/Dancer
Taran Stafford - Developer
Joe Wardleworth - Lead Web Developer
Kim Diependael - Project Manager
Richard Willis - Flash and Flex Developer
Please take  this down - 3D Generalist
Keith Peters - Senior Designer
Sharma O'Connell - Director
Joao Rocha - Animator

Arran D'Aubigny - Managing Director

Arran D'Aubigny

Arran has been working in New Media and Entertainment marketing for more than 17 years before he became founding father of Mind Orchard. He is proud to say that Mind Orchard has excelled in design, animation, site builds and online advertising for over 9 years now. It is a complete joy to run a business with an established reputation, plenty of awards and a consistent track record for high quality work. Arran loves to work with clients that are open to making beautiful projects using the latest techniques employed by our creative Mind Orchard Studio and the fabulous free-lancers we work with. 

Nacho Lozano - Designer

Nacho Lozano

Nacho developed a strong interest in graphic creativity during his college years. After he completed his Industrial Design degree he chose to specialize in Graphic Design, Creative Advertising and Digital Communication. He considers himself to be a branding enthusiast and enjoys the creation process of a brand, shaping ideas and converting them into logos.

After several years of working in Spanish agencies, he decided to come to England to improve his English skills and learn about the dynamics of working in another country… and of course to teach his office mates how to play football.

P.S. indeed, I've completed Super Hexagon


Sam Andrews - Animator/Designer/Dancer

Sam Andrews

Sam began animating at the age of 12, often cutting class to make little flash animations. To the detriment of his studies but benefit of his hobby, he became proficient in flash at a young age and was instantly obsessed with designing beautiful, silly and fun things.

13 years later and he's still immersed in animating but now puts his skills to work on designing game assets, animating characters and coming up with concepts for games with a dream to make a game more succesful than any other on the app store to date.


Taran Stafford - Developer

Taran Stafford

Taran is a developer with 6 years of industry experience. He moved to Brighton at a young age, drawn to the vibrant arts and digital media scene, not to mention its ideal location on the coast.

He started as an intern working on flash banners and microsites. His talents were soon noticed and he was offered a full time position. Since then he has learnt a broad range of languages and has developed websites, flash games and iOS apps.

When he isnt writing about himself in the third person, Taran can often be found working on his own iOS games, in the garden tending to his chilli plants or dancing (badly) to house music.


Joe Wardleworth - Lead Web Developer

Joe Wardleworth

Had an introduction to coding at university in the form of Fortran 77 and C.
Twenty years later, after playing with lots of different languages on lots of different environments from embedded systems, PCs through to servers, is now currently playing with web development - LAMP based, but moving onto mobile and PC gaming development.

Off time is spent hurtling down mountains (or small hills) on a bike, or waiting for good weather to climb back up them. Otherwise eating cake is a popular pastime. Likes to faff.


Kim Diependael - Project Manager

Kim Diependael

Kim has lived in Singapore, Norway, Belgium and America and has now settled down in Brighton. Building an international career and generally living life to the fullest, Kim likes to keep busy. She is a master of multitasking and knows how to juggle the most extreme agendas.

With an eye for detail and a background in multimedia she loves soaking up inspiration and surrounding herself with talented people. Most importantly Kim always strives to become better and plans to get a cat.


Richard Willis - Flash and Flex Developer

Richard Willis

Richard Willis is a Freelance Flash and Flex Developer. He has been working with Flash and its related technologies since 1999, creating software as diverse as business apps, e-learning tools, promotional websites, and games. He has worked for the BBC, Lego, Lotus, Nickelodeon, Novartis, Sony Ericsson, and others, and for prestigious agencies such as Blast Theory, Plug-In Media, and of course Mind Orchard.

He has seen Flash evolve from AS2 to AS3 and MXML. He has worked extensively with many of the leading frameworks: first Cairngorm; then PureMVC; and today RobotLegs and Robert Penner's Signals. He has developed his own micro-frameworks on top of RobotLegs: Jackdaw, a micro-framework for serving basic needs like preloading, transitions, and localisation; and Phoenix, a framework that specifically targets games development. He is also currently researching cross-platform mobile development with Appcelerator's Titanium and Adobe's PhoneGap.

Richard maintains a high profile in his local tech community. He spent years writing innovative copy for official Adobe volunteer user group DotBrighton (formerly FlashBrighton), as well as regularly helping out at Brighton Barcamps. He is also undertaking an MA in Contemporary History at the University of Sussex, as a means of understanding and critiquing Internet culture from a historical perspective.


Please take this down - 3D Generalist

Please take  this down

When Toby was 7 he used to spend his time making super laser-shark space castles out of Lego. Now that he's older, Toby is still making super laser-shark space castles, but now he does it professionally!

After being inspired by the Pixar greats he worked his way through the education system to get a MSc. in Computer Animation. He subsequently joined Mind Orchard where he honed his skills in modelling, rigging, texturing, animating, rendering and composition to become an all round 3D generalist and office Fonzie... Ayyyy!


Keith Peters - Senior Designer

Keith Peters

Keith's background in design is varied. He started out as a print designer, but soon found a way to combine his love of games and art by moving on to graphics for games. Since his first junior role he's never looked back. Working on AAA titles, and smaller projects alike with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail. Even as a 'Senior Designer' he's learning every day and helping the team reach their full potential.

Obsessed with Iron Man and the art of Marvel, Keith dreams of making his own indie comic. Until then he's happy to make fun playful games, kick ass contemporary design and the best cups of tea you'll ever taste.


Sharma O'Connell - Director

Sharma O'Connell

Sharma started her profession in operations at British Airways Holidays. She made a career switch by joining Mind Orchard and shifted her focus from airplanes to the digital plain.

She is in control of all the financial aspects of the business, oversees the production team and handles our HR. Sharma is responsible for recruiting new talents and keeping the peace in the office by globally managing the team and ensuring we are sailing the right course. She is the mother of our creative family and takes care of more than we can possibly write up; from directing our Managing Director and business strategy to paying us all on time. Sharma does it all.

PS: Known to make mean potatoes of all varieties… Her intense potato training began many moons ago as a cailín beag, (little girl); in the west of Ireland.


Joao Rocha - Animator

Joao Rocha

Joao studied Graphic Design in Portugal and decided to come to England to do an internship at Mind Orchard. He learnt 3D animation and his talent was soon spotted within the company.

He was offered a full time position soon after. Now he is working on awesome games for LEGO. Among animations he also likes to do 3D modeling.